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Amber Rose White

Bridal Make Up Artist

About Me

Hi. I'm Amber,

My journey into make up started when I was quite young and noticed I had a common skin condition called vitiligo. Vitiligo is a loss of pigmentation in the skin which results in white patches. I have grown up teaching myself how to camouflage and blend the white patches to match my own skin tone. I have also worked on the No7 counter in boots where I gained experience in prom and bridal make-up.  My training to become a make-up artist was completed at The London School of Make-Up.

Making people feel comfortable in their own skin has always been my end goal and gives me huge satisfaction to see the confidence this gives them. 


Me As A Make-Up Artist At 

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Wedding Make-Up

Trial Day

Ensure we get everything perfect on your special day by meeting up for a trial. 

Bridal Make Up

A once in a lifetime day where you will be the very best version of you. 

Mother of the bride and bridesmaids

Mother of the bride and bridesmaids are welcome to have their make up professionally done as well.



"Amber managed to take my natural style and make-up preference combined with her expertise and end up with a great outcome.
Thank you."

Paula Jefferies
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